Tax deductible Medicare supplement lead program

Many agents are wondering how to spend less and make more money selling Medicare supplemental insurance.  It takes a lot of time and a lot of money out of pocket when you first start selling Medicare supplements.  Some agents I talk to spend in upwards of $2,000 a month just on leads to be able to talk to a person who is looking for Medicare supplemental insurance.  The good news is we have a tax deductible Medicare supplement lead program.  It is different than just buying leads off the internet or having a call center send you out on appointments.  Our program builds your visibility as well as gets you leads.  Most agents forget the way to build a Medicare supplement insurance practice.  It is through word of mouth and constantly spending money to build.  Building the brand of self is the number one way to be successful in this business.  For instance, does everyone in your 500 friends on Facebook realize you sell insurance?  Do they know the insurance you specialize in is Medicare supplemental insurance?  Do you show them just once a week something that gets into their head that this is your business, without overwhelming them with your career?  We take care of that for you.  It is quite simple but you must see a demonstration to understand exactly what we do. 

The first thing we do is take your Medicare supplement insurance program and put it online.  You objection to this is, “I have a website, I don’t need online exposure.”  We dissect how many people went to your website within the year, month, etc.  How many leads did you get from it?  Let’s not play games here.  The name of the game is traffic and leads.  If you are getting 10 leads a year from your website, then you have a business card online, not a website.  We get you traffic and leads to build your business for Medicare advantage, Medicare part D, and Medigap plans.  We also pump you into the entire net so you get found, not only on Google, but thousands of other websites, blogs, social networks etc.  Everyone Medicare supplement insurance agent wants to sit at their kitchen table with a cup of coffee and have his phone ring non-stop with people asking for help with Medicare.  We want that for you also. 

What if there was a system that could take care of all of this and let you sell and forget about the other crap.  What if that system didn’t make you get into their down line or use them as a FMO?  What if that system was only designed to get you leads, no strings attached, leave the program anytime you want. 

Some agents have said, “I’ve sold 300 Medigap plans, I don’t need any help.”  What if there was an additional tool to bring business to you instead of you chasing the business or buying leads?  Our system works for Medicare advantage plans, Medicare part D, and also gives you a chance for the up sell with Long term care, annuities and life insurance.  Medigap insurance is known to be attached with people looking at annuities and other products.  Most people looking at Medigap plans are also looking for a safe place to retire their money like the annuities you have.  Another great thing about our program is it’s a Tax deductible Medicare supplement lead program.  At the end of the year after you spend the small amount of money to get our program its tax deductible. 


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