Medicare for All. Good or Bad?

 Medicare For All

Medicare For All

It is often puzzling to me how both sides of the political spectrum have the same goal but can't seem to get it connected to one another. It's like being a part of a team in a corporation but not getting the job done. Actually it's like having five of the best basketball players in the world on the same team, willing to work with each other but the coach and the owner of the team don't get along. Leadership can ruin a project. Plain and simple. As I see it, in my personal opinion, the Republicans and the Democrats want to be the one who fix healthcare. Healthcare is very "fixable". I know many of you find it hard to believe, but it is. There is one question a nation must answer before it "fixes" healthcare. Who is going to pay for it?


Now to most people who live in the United States, they feel the government has a checking account with unlimited amounts of money in it. We can thank Richard Nixon and the Secretary of the Treasury John Connally for this. If you don't understand the significance of Nixon and 1971, then you are going to have to research so far back in time that this article might be over your head. The world is coming to the end game of using the American Dollar as the worlds reserve currency. If this happens, bye bye Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. If it stays as the reserve currency, and the U.S continues to issue bonds and China buys them, then we can print away and Medicare for all will not be an issue.

But... Let's forget about all of that. Let's focus on 2018 or 2020. The Democrats want to cover everyone for healthcare aka Medicare for all. Sounds fantastic. If the money is there then let's do it, right? The Republicans worry it will be a tax on the working to give to the people who don't work or the people who want to eat McDonalds and smoke cigarettes plus sit at home watching Jerry Springer. Also a good point. Obamacare was a tax on small business and uninsured people who were making over $50,000 a year. Republicans saw this and weren't happy. So, how do we compromise? How do we compromise? We do this by accountability. Let me explain.

We should have a system in this country where we have a private insurance companies servicing people for healthcare. Just like it was 10 years ago. If someone is sick and can't get into an insurance plan, we should have a tax on every citizen to pay for these people. But with a catch.

In order to get this insurance, you must follow the following guidelines:

  1. Go to a facility or physician once a month and get your blood, cholesterol etc checked. If you are eating crap and drinking tap beer all day, then you will get banned from the program.

  2. Get your blood checked once a month for tobacco use, illegal drug use, etc etc.

  3. If possible, recipients must be checked if they have any kind of employment or if they are able to work, at least help them get a job somewhere.

Now this doesn't include children. Children should be taken care of no matter what, but adults should be held accountable for their actions. What do you think? Please comment