State of Florida Approves and Licenses Solis Health Plans

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MIAMI, April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Doug Cook, President and CEO of Solis Health Plans, today announced that the State of Florida has approved and licensed the company to offer health care insurance plans throughout the state. The company is currently pending Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approval to offer Medicare Advantage plans starting in 2019. Led by a team of seasoned South Florida-based health care executives, the recently approved Florida health plan brings to the marketplace a commitment to enhance members', providers' and brokers' managed care experience through their exceptional service-oriented approach and a thorough understanding of local community and cultures. 

"At Solis Health Plans we are very proud to have earned our license to operate in the state of Florida. We were born out of a commitment to provide a deeper and more personal connection throughout all levels of the healthcare experience. Today we are one step closer to becoming the plan of choice to the communities we serve," said Cook. "Our initial focus will be in Miami-Dade County. Ultimately, we plan to serve communities across Florida," he added.

Solis Health Plans members and providers will both have access to exceptional customer service via the Solis team, and supporting technology that streamlines traditional managed care processes. This will enable members to enjoy a healthier life and allow providers to focus on patient care instead of bureaucratic paperwork.

Solis Health Plans is a community-focused Florida health care plan delivering outstanding member experience and exceptional service to providers and brokers, and intends to offer competitive plans with expanded benefits in multiple provider networks. The company self-identifies as the Un-Corporate Plan: personal as opposed to bureaucratic, innovative instead of risk-adverse, and accountable rather than ambiguous. Solis Health Plans is committed to exceeding expectations and to being the plan of choice for the communities served, with the goal of achieving better healthcare outcomes. For more information on Solis Health Plans, please visit

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