Abilify could take over the market

Abilify is the anti-psychotic drug that helps people with depression and bipolar disease.  There are so many people taking these types of prescription drugs these days it makes you wonder if hitting the bottle was a thing of the past.  Many people have claimed that these drugs have changed there lives and at this point in time, I believe they do.  I have met many people that are taking the anti-psychotic drugs that are healthy and able to function in society because of them.  Abilify is also a treatment for schizophrenia disorder in many people.  It seems that Abilify has almost taken the place of the SSRI drugs such as Zoloft or Paxil.  IS this true?  Well, it is also given to patients with autism disorder that get irritable. This is all in the realm of anti-psychotic drugs supposedly.  Who knows about these drugs?  Should I take it?