What type of Medicare supplement Plans are Available in Kentucky

When you turn 65 and sign up for Medicare, all of the Government approved Medigap plans are Available to enroll into. the plans offered are Plans A ,B, C, D,F, G, K, L,M, & N Also High Deductible F is Available. This will change in 2020 Plans C & F will no longer be available, this includes High Deductible Plan F. If You log onto Medicare.Gov there is a easy to read chart that list the benefits that each plan offers.The Government regulates the Medicare Supplement plans and it makes no difference which Company in Kentucky that you choose to enroll with. All Companies have to cover the exact same benefits. The only difference from One company to the next company will be the price you pay. In Kentucky some of the more popular plans are, Mutual of Omaha in kentucky it is called United World Life, Cigna Health and Life Insurance, and AARP United Healthcare Insurance Company. There are many others that offer Medigap Plans in Kentucky. if you enroll into a Medigap plan, you will also need to enroll into a Prescription Drug Plan. Check with a licensed Insurance Agent and ask them to help you choose a Medigap plan and a Prescription Drug Plan that is right for you.