How much should a Medigap Policy Cost?

The Government has approved 12 standardized Medicare Supplements Plans (A through K) meaning that all Insurance Companies offering Medigap Insurance, by law have to offer the same coverage. An example would be, Humana Medigap Policy Plan G, has the exact same coverage as the AARP United Health Care Plan G. The only difference would be the premium charged from one company to the next. Some things that could effect the cost would be the area of the country in which you live and whether the company bases the prices on issue age, or community rated based on the community in which you live. My Aunt in Boone County Kentucky, age 65 pays $110.00 per month for Plan G from Mutual of Omaha. It is always best to compare prices because there can be huge differences in cost from one company to the next. It is best to talk to licensed agent to help you determine the best Medigap Plan for you.