What’s Medicare Supplement insurance and why do you need to compare the medical insurance rates?

Finding the best Health Insurance Plan for your budget is easier when you can compare rates in your area.

Medicare Supplement insurance, also called Medigap insurance, helps cover some of the cost that Medicare insurance doesn’t. Copayments, coinsurance and deductibles are a few examples of cost covered by Medigap. Even though this definition offers a snap shot of the core concept, it hides the actual complexity consumers experience when searching for the best insurance provider and Medigap plan rates. Medigaplist.com helps alleviate this confusion by allowing users to compare Medicare supplement insurance plans instantly and at no cost enabling them to find cheap medical insurance.

Top 5 Pharmacies in America for Medicare

By Brian Monahan | Sunday 23rd of November 2014

While doing some light research on the top 5 pharmacies in America for Medicare I came across this list that sums it up. Although these are the top 5 most widely used pharmacies in the United States there are many other online pharmacies and great prescription drug plans for Medicare. Part D does not rate the pharmacies as far as performance but it seems that there a few popular ones.

Walgreens is a fantastic place and they treat their customers well. If you are on Part D and want to look at service and trust Walgreens is a great start. Walgreens really caters towards Part D recipients and seem to have a great report with the Medigap and advantage plan community.

CVS comes in number two and seems to have multiple locations in different towns that have a number of Part D people. CVS caters to everyone and is helpful for prescription drugs as well as that late night snack. CVS is considered one of the top 5 and is doing extremely well with Medigap and advantage plans.

Rite Aid is the store I personally choose because it is the closest to my place in PA. It has a fantastic layout and serves me well. Rite Aid built a location near me which is within walking distance to CVS but is easier to navigate in my mind. Rite Aid comes in number three in the Medicare field of pharmacies. Medigap and advantage plans people like Rite Aid and it shows.

Walmart is the king of kings in retail and Medicare loves them with Humana. You don’t have to have the Humana Walmart card to get drugs there. Humana Walmart teamed up to have a drug plan and the pharmacy is separate. They are number four and climbing but it’s too big and hard to park.

Cardinal is the 5th largest for Medicare. I have not heard of Cardinal but it’s numbers show that Medigap people and advantage plans are impressed. Cardinal is last in this list but top 5 which shows it’s enormous.
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